Is your organization going through change?

Change has become the norm – and sometimes you need external help to make it go smoothly. That’s where Analytika comes in.

We expose holes in your financial management processes and fix them, so you can target budget to where it’s needed. For example:

  • Rail business that wants to get the best out of their new system
  • Charity that’s used to operating on a shoestring but needs to grow
  • Public sector organization that wants to save money and reduce waste
  • Medium-sized firm that would like to become larger
  • Large firm that would like to regain the agility of being a bit smaller

With our blend of financial management and business improvement skills, we can help Finance Directors to add value, by:

  • Informing the shopping list for your new systems
  • Fixing the mess if your new system doesn’t do what you thought it would
  • Translating what Finance needs into what IT delivers
  • Unlocking the value in business operations
  • Getting people to do things differently and better

We do this by focusing on processes, as these are at the heart of successful change improvements.

Whether you want a long-term interim manager or short-term consultancy help, the first step is to contact us for an initial conversation.

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