“Stephanie is a well-focused, totally professional individual who likes to be open and honest with everyone leading to strong team relationships built on trust and expertise. She is also a fun person to have around at moments of pressure, helping to get results without stress overload.”
Francis Rowlands, member of CIMA Council and proprietor of Dragon Marketing Ltd, 2011

“Working with Stephanie was great. I found her very encouraging as a manager, straight talking and supportive. She is customer focused and always pushed to deliver that extra bit of a to quality service, I found it a positive experience being part of her team.”
Rosemarie Daly, Business Management Consultant at Mott MacDonald, 2009

“Stephanie deftly led the IVM through a wide range of development initiatives and challenges during her tenure. She was highly professional and competent throughout and demonstrated considerable initiative and flair. I thoroughly recommend her as a fellow professional and believe that she can add great value to any organisation that is lucky enough to engage her in a professional or leadership capacity.”
Mark Law, Programme Manager, Advanced Management Skills, 2008

“Stephanie has made a positive impact wherever I have worked with her. She is customer focused, imaginative, tenacious and gets the job done. In my view her energy and understanding are great assets for any organisation.”
Mike Graham, UK Value Management, 2008

“Without Stephanie, we would never have reached the staff cost targets that had justified the Finance core system’s implementation, or satisfied the need for the better asset information that was also expected from it.  She was able to pinpoint key blockages in process and negotiate changes to them, which is itself proof of her tenacity.”
Peter Smith, Finance Director, Metronet Rail Ltd, 2006

“Stepping in as an interim, Stephanie quickly got to the root of the issues presented, which had been building for some time.  Through close team management and attention to the needs of individual managers, she restored management’s faith in the Maintenance finance team.  Her focus on process enabled considerable improvement to be made in ownership of plans, the quality of information presented for decision-making and understanding of roles across the organisation.”
Steve Perry, Finance Director, Metronet Rail SSL Ltd 2005

“Stephanie supplied detailed RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, informed) process descriptions in support of the negotiated agreements.  Because she took care to listen to the views of all parties and ensured these were reflected in the final agreements, the impact on behaviours was enormously positive, with all accepting responsibility for their part of the final outcome.”
Peter Smith, Finance Director BCV, Metronet Rail Ltd, 2004

“In order to select a new core Finance system, it was necessary to establish how people worked now, and how they could work better.  By a series of workshops and interviews, Stephanie constructed full documented processes and collated the wishes of those affected to form a User Requirement Specification.  An excellent piece of work!”
Alan Snook, Business Improvement Manager, Metronet SSL Ltd, 2003

“Division of labour between two different directorates in reporting internal project liabilities was amply proven to lead to complexity, with something of a “them and us” culture arising.  Stephanie and her colleague were able to hear both sides of the story, explore inconsistencies and recommend changes in procedure to rectify the situation which were manifestly sensible and easy to implement.”
Steve Perry, Director of Finance and IS, Infraco SSL Ltd, 2002

“Overheads were climbing for no apparent reason.  Stephanie found out how exactly expenditure was made, what the contributory factors were and recommended control measures that were sufficient and appropriate. What could be better?”
Steve Perry, Director of Finance and IS, Infraco SSL Ltd, 2001

“I worked with Stephanie in Gillette in the Customer Services Team. At this time we were undergoing consolidation of four companies within the broader group, each with their own systems and processes. With Stephanie’s excellent process management as well as collaboration skills we were able to synergize systems and work methods to arrive at a more superior solution for “one company”, which was also a great contribution towards our very high audit scores. Stephanie was the key to allow all the differing points of views to be expressed and she was able to articulate this to a favourable total solution which was sustainable as well as helped deliver exceptional results for many years to come. It was a pleasure to have worked with Stephanie.”
Namrata Patel, Director of Customer Services, Gillette Group UK plc, 2000

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